Relic Seekers

New slot game
Legend of Huangdi, China The Yellow Emperor and the mythological predecessor of all Chinese people floats in it Microgaming new game: the adventure Relic Seekers. The game action is located in a deep cave known as the Dragon’s Tomb. Somewhere inside there is a hidden relic known as the Dragon Vein, and three explorers – a young and brave Single Man, an ultra-clever Professor Morgan and a still energetic Nora – are trying to unravel the mysterious secrets. It is said that inside an ancient relic is a great fortune, but a search engine strainIt should be noted that they should put their hands on the prey of the Yellow Emperor. So you’ll need all the help you can get from rolling rolls, symbol upgrades, and free spins to promising potential multipliers if you’re really serious about bursting this awesome 5×3 online slot and grabbing the ultimate prize containing Huangdi’s lost treasure!

Dragon vein symbols

The mystical, exotic atmosphere surrounding this epic adventure owes to the great graphics that are used to display game symbols and main characters. On your terrifying descent into the heart of Dragon’s tomb, you will encounter Tortas, a wolf / dog creature and three archaeologists / adventurers: an intelligent professor Morgan, a living Norwegian, and a brave Free Man. It is the Free Man who is actually the most valuable of the trio, returning 4, 16 or even 90 times your bet on combinations of 3, 4 or 5. There is an oil lamp that acts as a wild symbol (as well as three adventurers), plus different Wall carvings as well as key symbols collect as your search continues.

Winches and more

If you are curious and ready to venture into the Dragon’s Tomb in the hope of claiming an ancient treasure, you may be lucky to come across rolls that roll. Rolling is an essential feature of Relic Seekers and a big favorite for online slots players: When you encounter a winning combination of winnings, these winning symbols disappear. This in turn leaves room for new symbols to take their place on the reels. This can happen again and again, giving you more and more chances to keep winning, each time arousing excitement.

Another great feature you’ll want to see over and over is Symbol Turns on Wild mode. Each time you earn 2 or more consecutive victories, one of the three high value exploration symbols turns wild and gives you a chance of profit by replacing any symbol except scatter. Nora becomes wild after 2 consecutive wins, Professor Morgan turns wild after 4, and the free man goes wild after 6.

If you want free spins (who don’t?), You need to be alive by collecting the keys to your fantasy adventure as you dive deeper and deeper into the grave of the dragon. Complicated secret keys will help you unlock more free spins. The more keys you collect, the more they start to rotate. Once you get 2 keys, you get 3 free spins, but if you can collect 6, you get 2 extra free spins in all the following winnings and you have access to a 2X multiplier. And while we’re on the free spins, if you can collect symbol symbols 3 during free spins, 10 triggers more free spins: you get even more chances to go for more prizes.

Game specifications

Relic Seekers is a 5×3 reel slot that gives you a fixed payline of 25. This exciting game is very volatile so you can experience some winless spells, but it has a very decent RTP payout percentage of 96.03%. You can bet from 25p up to £ 500 per spin on any device. Microgaming can expect a great deal with this first branded Pulse 8 game, which is also perhaps why it is also available in different language versions 31.

Relic Seekers is a high quality game that integrates state-of-the-art technology, brilliant graphics and gaming features for a stunning effect. His combination of history, mystery and epic adventure will challenge and excite every player. So if you’re looking for immersive entertainment, your search is over. But remember, your search for the legendary dragon vein may be just the beginning. Enjoy!