How to choose the best online casino: practical guide in 5 steps

One of the best aspects of the internet is that it allows you to find, at the click of a button, everything you can want. But this can also be a boomerang. Whether you are deciding on the best purchases to make for Black Friday or whether you need to book a flight for your next holiday, if you don’t already have clear ideas, you always run the risk of spending hours and hours online, without arriving at a specific choice.

Actually, the problem with this type of situation is not in the vastness of the offer, but rather in not having well understood what you are looking for.

In the field of Italian online gaming, for example, although the market is regulated and the offer is limited, a potential customer is faced with the possibility of registering in at least one hundred different gaming sites, all legal and authorized. In order to reduce the complexity of such a decision, it is important to have a clear understanding of the elements to be considered in order to discriminate between the various offers and select the option that fits perfectly to the entertainment needs of the person.

Specialized sites like regularly publish articles and reviews about the most popular online casinos of the moment, from which we have extracted a quick guide to choosing the perfect online casino, which we hope will be useful.

5 steps to choosing the ideal casino:

If it’s not legal, it doesn’t apply: the gambling market is strictly regulated and only operators with licenseс like the UK Gambling Commission or the AAMS are, in effect, authorized to operate legally in the market. Choosing a legal casino means protecting yourself as a customer and dealing with a site called to comply with a long list of rules, all put in place to ensure proper games, respect for privacy and security at the computer level.

Get your first taste free: many (but not all) online casinos offer new players a no deposit bonus that allows them to start playing even before they make a deposit. In practice, the operator invites potential customers to have a taste of its services, without risking or spending absolutely nothing. Opting for a casino with no deposit bonus means having the opportunity to experience the quality of the games for yourself without spending. If the site does not satisfy, the player can leave without any problems.

Multiply your funds: Virtually all operators provide welcome offers reserved for new customers who register on the site for the first time. Welcome promotions can be cash bonuses or free spins, or both. Evaluating the convenience of a casino bonus is extremely subjective, but it should certainly include both the percentage of the bonus and the wagering requirements you need to meet in order to cash out your winnings with it.

Many different games: those who choose to play in an online casino are mainly looking for fun and entertainment, combined with the excitement that only gambling offers. The site must therefore have a range of games that is suited to the needs of the customer, in terms of variety and betting options. It is also important that the games keep up with the times and that there are regularly new titles to try.

Problem-free transactions: In order to play with real money and thus also have a chance to win, you need to top up your gaming account. The variety of payment methods available to the operator can make this operation more or less simple and fast. Checking the deposit options accepted by the casino, before registering, can avoid unpleasant surprises and make deposits as easy as drinking a glass of water.

What Is Double Down Hand Online Blackjack?

For those who may be a little insecure, doubling the Pirate Flagis a move that allows you to increase your bet by up to 100% (ie double). Once your raised bet is on the table, then you are allowed one more card. In the game scenario, this means that once you’ve got your first two cards, it’s an exciting moment in online blackjack where you can decide to double.

Of course, there are strategies and doubling can sometimes be a risky blackjack gamble. Your betting options almost always end. Decisions to double pressure relief are usually handled in a relatively predictable way: players who are too cautious rarely double, thus avoiding the opportunity to improve their winning odds, while overconfident players try to move too often and thus from games that perhaps they did much better.
Blackjack cards

When to double when playing online blackjack

Blackjack is reputed to be one of the casino games with the lowest ‘house edge’, which can make it more convenient for the average online casino player. However, experts remind you that it actually means the average player who knows the rules of blackjack and follows the logical and optimal strategy of blackjack during online blackjack games. No tactic in the world can ever help a player who is betting and choosing the possibilities of a card game on a whim.

But one important point about choosing to double at the right moment is that being used properly can give you an even better edge of the house. So this is a step worth getting acquainted with. So much so that online blackjack players would be well advised to try a handful of cash away from the screen to create a better feeling of moving around before trying it out in online blackjack games for real money.

Hard 9 double

If you get a deal hand worth 9, double down whenever the dealer reveals a card between 2 and 6 (so each card is under 7, but without Ace). That must be a hard hand 9 – so you can’t hold an ace. Your combinations can be 4-5, 3-6 or 2-7. However, if it is A-8 (soft 9), you should always stand still.

Hard 10 and Hard 11 doubles

When you hold a solid 10 or 11, you are in a strong position. Two card combinations that you might be: 2-8, 2-9, 3-7, 3-8, 4-6, 4-7, 5-6. So if the dealer detects a lower sum, go double.

Double 16 to 18

Holding Ace plus 5, 6 or 7 gives you 16 for 18 ‘soft’ sum. So if a retailer discovers a card from Company 2 of Company 6, you should double it immediately. Do not risk this step on an ace or lower card (2,3 or 4); it is better to intervene instead.

Advantages and disadvantages of duplication

Performing a double down is a way to put yourself another bet when you have a pretty good idea things should go your way. Even if you risk more from your bankroll, there is some good information on the table to support your decision.

Note that some games also allow you to double the pair. For example, if you hold a 10-10 hand with a dealer that shows 3, 4, 5 or 6, you immediately have the opportunity to split a few tens, double on each and go to 21 on both of those hands!

But remember, too, that you take the risk of doubling. The dealer always plays his cards after each player, so he has a little more information to play on. This is, of course, exactly what constitutes the edge of a house. Also, remember that when your hand is tied, all you get back as a player is your original deposit money.

Pay attention to the rules

The double blackjack strategy described here should work in virtually all blackjack games. But be aware that even in a land casino, the rules of blackjack may be subject to certain changes. And online casinos may seem overwhelmed with variations of traditional blackjack.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter much, but sometimes it can (or should) affect your decision making.

In almost every blackjack game, this strategy should remain true. Keep in mind, however, that the rules of blackjack vary from casino to casino, which may affect your decision making. For example, if you are allowed to double a hand with three or more cards, then there will be other hands that you could double with the principles explained here. Game rules can prevent you from doubling when your usual blackjack strategy says you should. So if you are prevented from performing a double mine, take another hit instead.

Relic Seekers

New slot game
Legend of Huangdi, China The Yellow Emperor and the mythological predecessor of all Chinese people floats in it Microgaming new game: the adventure Relic Seekers. The game action is located in a deep cave known as the Dragon’s Tomb. Somewhere inside there is a hidden relic known as the Dragon Vein, and three explorers – a young and brave Single Man, an ultra-clever Professor Morgan and a still energetic Nora – are trying to unravel the mysterious secrets. It is said that inside an ancient relic is a great fortune, but a search engine strainIt should be noted that they should put their hands on the prey of the Yellow Emperor. So you’ll need all the help you can get from rolling rolls, symbol upgrades, and free spins to promising potential multipliers if you’re really serious about bursting this awesome 5×3 online slot and grabbing the ultimate prize containing Huangdi’s lost treasure!

Dragon vein symbols

The mystical, exotic atmosphere surrounding this epic adventure owes to the great graphics that are used to display game symbols and main characters. On your terrifying descent into the heart of Dragon’s tomb, you will encounter Tortas, a wolf / dog creature and three archaeologists / adventurers: an intelligent professor Morgan, a living Norwegian, and a brave Free Man. It is the Free Man who is actually the most valuable of the trio, returning 4, 16 or even 90 times your bet on combinations of 3, 4 or 5. There is an oil lamp that acts as a wild symbol (as well as three adventurers), plus different Wall carvings as well as key symbols collect as your search continues.

Winches and more

If you are curious and ready to venture into the Dragon’s Tomb in the hope of claiming an ancient treasure, you may be lucky to come across rolls that roll. Rolling is an essential feature of Relic Seekers and a big favorite for online slots players: When you encounter a winning combination of winnings, these winning symbols disappear. This in turn leaves room for new symbols to take their place on the reels. This can happen again and again, giving you more and more chances to keep winning, each time arousing excitement.

Another great feature you’ll want to see over and over is Symbol Turns on Wild mode. Each time you earn 2 or more consecutive victories, one of the three high value exploration symbols turns wild and gives you a chance of profit by replacing any symbol except scatter. Nora becomes wild after 2 consecutive wins, Professor Morgan turns wild after 4, and the free man goes wild after 6.

If you want free spins (who don’t?), You need to be alive by collecting the keys to your fantasy adventure as you dive deeper and deeper into the grave of the dragon. Complicated secret keys will help you unlock more free spins. The more keys you collect, the more they start to rotate. Once you get 2 keys, you get 3 free spins, but if you can collect 6, you get 2 extra free spins in all the following winnings and you have access to a 2X multiplier. And while we’re on the free spins, if you can collect symbol symbols 3 during free spins, 10 triggers more free spins: you get even more chances to go for more prizes.

Game specifications

Relic Seekers is a 5×3 reel slot that gives you a fixed payline of 25. This exciting game is very volatile so you can experience some winless spells, but it has a very decent RTP payout percentage of 96.03%. You can bet from 25p up to £ 500 per spin on any device. Microgaming can expect a great deal with this first branded Pulse 8 game, which is also perhaps why it is also available in different language versions 31.

Relic Seekers is a high quality game that integrates state-of-the-art technology, brilliant graphics and gaming features for a stunning effect. His combination of history, mystery and epic adventure will challenge and excite every player. So if you’re looking for immersive entertainment, your search is over. But remember, your search for the legendary dragon vein may be just the beginning. Enjoy!

Enjoy a cruise vacation that includes a great casino experience

Are you in the mood for a cruise? Wherever you are in the world, there are always plenty of excursions and new destinations available. However, there seems to be fewer options for those who like gambling on their luxury vacation. So whether you prefer playing a pirate flag on a cruise ship or poker, roulette , video slots or some other casino games, here are some fantastic cruise ship experiences that are also guaranteed to include some great gaming opportunities.
A casino on a cruise ship

Superyacht casino cruise

Yes, this is a casino cruise ship, but the ship is actually permanently moored in Gibraltar’s Ocean Village Marina. The Sunborn Superyacht Hotel and Casino offers stunning views of the rock and across the Strait of Gibraltar to the Moroccan coast. And if you’re in a place of aerial excitement, you can also watch planes defying the frightening international runway of the airport as you take off and land.

The casino has its own separate approach and once inside there is a problem where to start! You will see card tables 4 (including blackjack), live poker tables 3, 3 American Roulette and 58 state-of-the-art slots. Bets can be placed on at least £ 1 and £ 5 on slots, American Roulette and Blackjack, with the maximum bets set to £ 0 .01, £ 50, £ 100 and £ 500 in any case . Poker enthusiasts will notice that there is also a dedicated poker room where poker tournaments are held regularly.

As you would expect, the casino has its own bar for thirsty players, and those who do not want to win the winning streak may also have drinks served next to the casino table. Guests on board have a large selection of apartments. So if you are the winner of the jackpot, what about the 74m2 Penthouse Suite with a separate terrace and stunning sea views? For a gambler prone to sea waves, which has a touch of luxury, there is nothing to overcome this experience.

Trip with high stakes at the casino

The Norwegian getaway sails from Miami, Florida and travels to sunny destinations such as the Bahamas and the Caribbean for guests of the 4,266 hotel looking for an exotic cruise experience. However, if cruising in crystal clear tropical waters and strolling through the shores of white sand beaches is not enough to cruise your passenger boat, there is also a number of fun boat experiences that will contribute to the excitement of the cruise.

The casino equipment that offers Norwegian escape will not disappoint. Inside you will find 28 tables that offer blackjack, craps , roulette, poker, baccarat , let it ride and pi-gow. And if you can break away from these tables, this state-of-the-art casino also has some 318 slots to try. There is always a choice of both low and high betting options, meaning whether you are a novice or a high-roller looking for financing another cruise, there is always a game option available.

And for those looking for a premium casino experience, this boat can bring you a super-exclusive gambling experience: a 3-room VIP room can be set up to suit guests’ requirements, and those with a bankroll can request an increase in the house limit above. $ 5,000 maximum payable on the casino floor. Once you play with gambling, you can refill your tan in comfort at Vibe Sex at the Beach Club or enjoy a gourmet dining menu at one of the high quality restaurants at the Norwegian Hotel Escape.

Sophisticated casino cruise

The Cunard line evokes forever the memories of the golden age of cruise ships. Today’s cruise passengers get on the flagship of the Cunard Navy ship, Queen Mary 2, who makes transatlantic crossings between Southampton and New York Port. Contemporary guests will not miss any of the traditional pompos and circumstances that accompany a cruise under such a prestigious historical name.

This type of luxury cruise is about details: it is the craft of the highest order to be seen in Queen Mary’s cabins and suites, and the on-board library of over 8,000 books is counted to be the largest available at sea. And if you manage to lift your head out of all those books, the tasteful Empire Casino is cut over the routine of glitz and the magic of so many land casinos.

At the casino guests will find 9 tables of blackjack, three card poker, roulette, heads up and Texas hold’em. Bets can be placed from $ 3 up to a maximum of $ 500. And if there are more of your slots these days, you’re still lucky because there are 99 slots where you can place bets for as little as $ 0.05 up to $ 5 per spin .

If you are a starting casino player – or, say, for example, your understanding of blackjack may need a bit of polishing – Queen Mary expert croupiers hold daily master classes that explain the rules and strategies associated with their casino games. Maybe there is an element of a “hare running with dogs” about the arrangement, but players will not worry about it if it helps them to overcome the edge of the house!

Casino Empire is fine with elegant dresses, but don’t miss it. It is an opportunity to live by wearing a tuxedo and enjoying the Casino Royale lifestyle as well as one of those transatlantic travelers in the last days of the Empire.